Bunded Oil Tanks

Are you looking for bunded oil tanks? You have come to the right page; we have a fine selection that is fully compliant with current OFTEC regulations and European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. They are CE marked and made just around the corner from our warehouse in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

We put more plastic into our tanks, the inner tank has an average thickness of 8mm-11mm and the outer tank has an average of 5mm -8mm thickness. Our oil tanks are manufactured using UV stabilisers and are rotationally moulded for superb strength and excellent durability. Also, for added peace of mind, they come with an industry-leading 12-year warranty.

Bunded Oil Tank Diagram


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A bunded oil tank is basically a tank within a tank. The inner tank’s job is to store the heating oil, the outer tank’s job is to protect the inner tank and contain any leaks from the inner tank if it should fail to protect the environment.

This is dependent on where you live and the regulations in your area. You should check these regulations before making a purchase. However, we would always recommend a bunded tank regardless of your location and its regulations as it is one of the most responsible and safest ways to store your heating oil.  

Hands down, we always recommend a bunded tank as they are the safest and most responsible way to store your heating oil. Single skin tanks, as the name would suggest, only have one skin and if it were to fail for some reason the oil ends up on the ground contaminating the environment. This could lead to loss of your expensive heating oil, no heating and potential fines.