Slimline Bunded Oil Tanks

A range of slimline bunded oil tanks from as little as 610mm (2ft) wide. This range of oil tanks is our most popular, ideal for where the access to the installation point is narrow or if general space is an issue. All of our oil tanks are CE Marked and fully comply with current OFTEC regulations.

Bunded Oil Tanks Diagram


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Slimline Bunded Oil Tanks

Slimline tanks are exactly as the name suggests, slim. From as little as 610mm (2ft) wide they are superb for those hard to reach installation sites. Some are so slim they will even fit through the average doorway.

Other benefits of the slimline tanks include, easy manoverability compared to the wider tanks and narrower foot prints enabeling tank installations in narrow installation sites. Always check with current installation regulations before ordering a tank.